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Go Paddle Boarding in Fort Lauderdale

Come paddle boading in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Paddles and Boards is south Florida's  premier paddle board rentals and lessons provider and official City Partner in Fort Lauderdale.

Founded in 2008 Paddles and Boards Inc. started the first paddle boarding club with over 500 members and growing.

Club members can paddle Monday to Friday all day for $40.00 join here: Club Members Free to Join! 

Located in fort lauderdale at George English Park and open 7 days a week, this company prides itself on safety first and excellent customer service. Check out their Reviews!

Mario St-Cyr the founder, started the company and proposed the sport to the City of Dania, the City of Hollywood and the City of Fort Lauderdale 5 years ago. 

call to reserve your boards at:

1-877-STOKED4 paddle boarding! (877-786-5334)


Reserve Online

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Rihanna in a cute bikini paddle boarding in Hawaii


Rihanna was seen on the beach in Hawaii last weekend playing around in a fringed black two piece.


The singer was even photographed carrying  several cups of beer and was later spotted enjoying a round of drinks with her friends on the paddle boards.

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Juan Rodriguez of One World Surfboards & Products

Juan Rodriguez of One World Surfboards & Products

Juan’s World

Story/interview by: Arsen Brzostek

Photos: Nicki Daly, Juan Rodriguez, Keith Novosel & Arsen Brzostek

one world 2 Profile: Juan Rodriguez of One World Surfboards & Products

One World label and board in Huanchaco, Peru during May 2007 surf contest with guest, 1965 World Surfing Champion and current big wave surfer, Felipe Pomar.


After producing my film ‘Going With The Flow: Classic California Soul Surfing’ I was stoked over surfing history and it’s roots from the Golden Age and my thoughts wandered closer to home. Just because the Central Gulf Coast Florida shores are notorious for several months worth of flat spells, most local surfers spend their time traversing the globe in search of clean canvases to sink their hungry teeth into. This desire to travel and understand the waves and how they break in various locales around the globe keeps the mind constantly dreaming; what are the best tides, seasons, swell directions, and which surfboards will be best utilized to experience the final act of surfing once there.

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National stand up paddle titles in Newcastle
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Need paddling? check out Paddles and Boards in Fort Lauderdale

paddles and boards


Welcome to Fort Lauderdale's Official Stand up Paddle Boarding Services City Partner!




Goals of Concession

Paddles and Boards Inc.  started its operation by founding the first Paddle boarding Club in Florida. Our members have enjoyed the professional and courteous service during our outings, demos, private lessons and eco tours.
Our Commitment is to continue operating with the same level of personal care and safety by introducing the fastest growing new water sport in the world to the City of Fort Lauderdale. 

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