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What Kind of Paddle Board Should I Buy?


One of the questions I get on a weekly basis is what kind of paddleboard should I buy?

The sport is growing so quickly that a newly inspired paddleboarding enthusiast could easily become confused by all of the different brands and models of boards to choose from.

When it comes down to buying the right stand up paddleboard there's a lot more to it than just a trendy name, and a cool looking company logo.


Besides getting the appropriate length, width, and volume for a particular type of application, you may also want to know who designed and shaped a particular board.  The components (nose, tail, rocker, rails), materials used, and design theory behind the riding and board styles are all nuances that can be dissected and explained by an experienced paddleboarding professional.

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The most popular board we sell is shaped by a legendary, life-long surfer, Juan Rodriguez, who made his 1st surfboard at the age of 15.

Juan Rodriguez has just turned 61 years old and he is just as passionate about his work today as he was 46 years ago.


Juan is the owner of One World Surf Designs - he has shaped over 10,000 surfboards during the course of his life.

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He is also the winner of the Surfboard Shape-Off competition, at Surf Expo. Juan is the best board shaper in Florida and he's got a trophy sitting on his desk to prove it.

His paddleboards ride just as good as they look. They have old-school pastel color combinations that are for a lack of better word, "groovy".


His SUP (stand-up paddleboard) designs have a 3-fin setup and built-in tie downs just in case you want to bring some gear, like a cooler or your dive gear. The boards also include custom nonslip deck pads and an incredibly innovative pressure release valve.


Try before you buy a One World Paddle Board at Paddles and Boards in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Mario St-Cyr