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Stand up Paddle Boards- Get Pink.

Designed by Juan Rodriguez #1 Best Sup Shaper


When it comes to buying the right shape, Juan Rodriguez paddle boards fits the bill.

Stand Up Paddle boarding is an exciting alternative to conventional long boarding in that the surfer remains standing and moves through the water by paddling a long, canoe style paddle.

Whether you like to cruise the lake, drift down the river, troll the reefs, travel between islands or hit the surf, stand-up paddling is the best way to walk on water!

As well as being lots of fun, stand-up paddling is a very good aerobic and strength training exercise - depending on how vigorously you attack it, stand-up paddling can be anything from a comfortable cruise in the park to a heart-pounding, calorie-burning workout that will leave you nicely tired out and ready for a great dinner! Fishing, exploring, sailing . . . the sky's the limit!

A quality stand-up paddleboard is the best investment you can make in watery fun. The ways in which you can have fun with your stand-up paddleboard are infinite! You can use your stand-up paddleboard to fish, dive, explore, travel, ride waves, exercise, take a friend along . . . your imagination is the only limit.

"Free" Carbon Fiber Paddle and Leash

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Our Price: $1,249.00

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