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How to tie down your Paddle Boarding Gear.


Securing your paddle boarding gear with EZ-Plug Deck Rigging Kit

The EZ-Plug Deck Rigging Kit helps you put a bungee deck rigging system where you want it. The kit includes EZ Plugs, super glue, bungee cord, and instructions. Length of the bungee for up to 20" between EZ-Plugs. Loop knot the end for easy adjusting of bungee cord tension. Attaches to flat fiberglass surfaces. NO TOOLS OR DRILLING.


EZ Plug Deck Rigging Kit

Made for SUP, paddle boards, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and other fiberglass marine crafts.


Surfco EZ Plug Deck Rigging Kit w/Bungee 4 Plug

Weight: 78g

Attach this bungee system to the deck of your SUP, wherever you need it.

• Adjusts to fit your required PFD, safety gear, or dry bag, and keeps it close at hand.

• Self-adhesive pads attach the system to hard surfaces of the deck.

Set of 4.


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